32 Size Adjustments. On the go.

Our belts do not have HOLES and are equipped with ratchet straps and magnetic buckles which makes the buckle glide over strap perfectly!

We have unlocked a whole new level of comfort by replacing the 5 hole system with 32 adjustments. This system brings  a whole new dimension of adjustability. Not many people think about it or realize it but, our waist changes as we go about our business throughout the day. A classic belt does not adjust correctly because holes are too far apart.

Forget feeling tight or loose, you'll forget you have a belt on but your pants will stay exactly where they're supposed to.

Cut to Size

      Have you ever had a problem with a wrong size or buying a present for someone, ever been in between sizes? Not our Smart Belt Universal. You will get to make your own size, so no chance of getting it wrong.