About Us

It takes a lot to do one thing just right.

As a modern day professional, a laptop bag is something that we carry every day. But unfortunately there are not many good options available in the market. Some don't have enough pockets or even space for your gadgets. Most of them don't even look good. A few good ones are extremely over-priced and the simpler ones are just not up to the mark.

There was just no ideal option. So we decided to create it. And the first brand under House Of Brands Company was born.

We knew we could do it again - build products that are functional and beautiful. And we did. This time with belts. Then with wallets. Then with jewellery.

We launch a new category / collection every 10-12 weeks now. But we spend months thinking about it. Weeks designing and re-designing and prototyping. Rest assured, they will be exclusive, functional and beautiful. We hope you check it out.