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Leather Laptop Bag

Leather Laptop Bag

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Material : Genuine Leather

Length : 30.5 cms

Width : 14 cms

Height : 40 cms

Capacity: Upto 17" Laptops

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Why vegetable tanning ?

Vegetable tanning is known for its unique look, which has made it a favorite among luxury brands such as LV and Hermes. This method of tanning uses only natural materials such as tree bark and leaves to produce a durable and distinctive patina on the leather.

The result of each vegetable tanning process is unique, with its own distinct characteristics that cannot be replicated. This makes each piece of vegetable-tanned leather one-of-a-kind and highly prized by those who appreciate its qualities.

It is suitable for people with allergies.

It has an almost zero environmental impact.

It reaches high thicknesses, up to 6 millimeters, which other tanning cannot reach.

The vegetable tanning process increases the leather's resistance and durability, and it does not age like other types of leather. Instead, the patina of the leather improves over time, adding to its uniqueness and value. And it is eco-sustainable.

Vegetable tanning, known for its use by luxury brands such as LV and Hermes, is now available in India exclusively on HOBC.

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